Electrical Current Combined with Acupuncture for Infertility


PANAG is a Multitherapy treatment for chronic pain and degenerative diseases and infertility and gynaecological problems. The specific frequency of PANAG has been designed to emit signals that are similar to the signal emitted by the human body and is therefore able to assist in many different conditions.

PANAG, a radiofrequency multitherapy system is an electrotherapy device that may be used with external electrodes applied to the skin or internal probes inserted into the vagina for females and rectum for males. The external electrodes initially have a prickling sensation that eventually almost disappears during the treatment and the internal probes have no sensation. This device has been passed for patient safety by the FDA and local authorities.

The external electrodes are used for inflammatory pain and swelling and the internal electrodes appear to have an effect on cytokines and other immune-modulating entities. Studies on AIDSpatients have shown a decrease in the blood of p24 protein, increase in CD4 and CD8 lymphocyte counts and a decrease in viral load after 90 days of use of this device. Initially this device was used on AIDS patients for their aches and pains and it was also observed that there was an improvement in their clinical symptoms such as diarrhoea stopped after one day of treatment, oral thrush and Herpes disappearing in 5 days of treatment, immediate improvement in appetite and weight gain was noted after 2 weeks treatment and the skin rashes associated with AIDS disappeared after one or two weeks therapy.

This device has been used on cancer patients receiving chemotherapy and radiation with an improvement in nausea, energy levels and a good maintenance of the immune levels.

Patients with degenerative disc disease with nerve root compression respond very effectively to external electrodes placed over the spine and any injury also responds well with healing of the tissue and relief of pain being facilitated.

Possible mechanism of action: Results from studies by Nakamura et al (1996) demonstrated that IL6 decreased in the kidneys of rats after electrostimulation of the renal nerve and Hosoi et al (2000) demonstrated IL 1 beta was increased in brains of rats after stimulation of the vagal nerve. Further evidence to the theory that electrostimulation modulates the prostaglandin and interleukin concentration are found by Sokolova et al (1990) in the results on a study of prostaglandin E2 levels in mothers and their newborn infants after suprapubic and sacral transcutaneous electrical stimulation. It is therefore understood that electrotherapy can modulate the cytokine and prostaglandin level of the body. It is postulated through the results obtained that PANAG electrotherapy is able to interact with the immune system by increasing IL2 and IL 12 in the AIDS population.

In cases of infertility the PANAG has been used to increase uterine wall thickness to facilitate implantation, increase progesterone levels, decrease inflammation in painful and oedematous tissue, increase endorphins and improve circulation to the ovaries.

Conditions that contribute to infertility observed in these patients:
PCOS, endometriosis, uterine growths, early onset of menopause, low progesterone and other dysfunctional hormone levels, scar tissue, thyroid dysfunction, stress and anxiety, low sperm count, poor sperm quality and motility among other factors.

It has been noted that endometriosis pain and discomfort resolves after this treatment and patients that suffer from severe period pain often record permanent amelioration of the pain and there is also improvement in the quality and quantity of the menstrual blood. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is also known to respond to electroacupuncture through the Denmark protocol and it is suggested that the addition of PANAG may be also be helpful in these conditions.

The recommended treatment for IVF patients is a combination of electrical acupuncture, PANAG with both internal probe and external electrodes placed over the abdomen above the ovaries with the addition of cranial electrostimulation to increase relaxation and decrease stress and anxiety. Other treatment for infertility may also be assisted with the above protocol.

The best approach would be to treat each patient one month prior to commencement of IVF with the above treatment twice weekly to prepare the relevant organs and destress the patient. Each treatment lasts for one hour. Once the IVF programme commences treatment should continue twice weekly until after pickup of the ova and it is important to treat the day before implantation of the fertilised ova. Once implantation has occurred pregnancy is established. Some patients may prefer not to have any intervention once implantation has occurred.

The acupuncture protocol is a combination of points taken from a well researched and successful programme from Denmark and additional points have been added to relieve stress and anxiety and improve general well being.

Male infertility may also be improved with the addition of PANAG to improve quality and motility of the sperm. When acupuncture is added plus the cranial electrostimulation there are added benefits for the husband/partner by attaining improved relaxation and well being. 

This programme developed by Phyllis Berger combining cranial electrotherapy, PANAG and electroacupuncture is unique and seems to assist positive results in some patients.

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