Phyllis started her career in Physiotherapy by being interested in acute orthopaedic trauma, which brought her into contact with patients with complex regional pain syndromes (CRPS). She developed an interest in chronic pain conditions both spinal and peripheral and found herself in the realm of pain management.

Phyllis has published three books, the first, Action Potential Currents 1999. The second, the Journey to Pain Relief was first published in South Africa 2003 and then revised and published in the USA 2007.

The Journey to Pain Relief

book_journeytopainrelief2“For every pain sufferer who has not been helped by conventional medicine, does not want to remain dependent on pain medications and is looking for innovative alternatives – this is the book.”

The Journey to Pain Relief is both a complete handbook of pain-management options and a detailed introduction to specific cutting-edge techniques. It explains the physiology of pain; the effects of fear, stress and worry; and the importance of cultivating attitudes that will help you tap into the body’s ability to heal.

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Introducing Action Potential Currents

book_actionpotentialpng“In this book, the author has applied her skills and vast clinical experience of physiotherapy and electromedicine to one form of peripheral stimulation analgesia, namely that of action potential simulation current. She has carefully dissected out its development, clinical applications, and the difference of its electrical waveform and electrical characteristics as compared to that of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulations (or TENS) and other currents. Its uses in the treatment of both acute (sports injuries, burns, bruises) and chronic painful conditions (osteoarthritis, spondylo-artropathies) are discussed. ” – Extract from the Forward.

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