Action Potential Stimulation Therapy

APS decreases pain, inflammation and swelling in areas in which it is applied. At the same time it increases melatonin, leu-enkephalin, endorphins and adenosine levels in the body – this improves mobility, relieves pain, aids circulation and promotes relaxation. In acute trauma this device relieves bruising and oedema if used immediately and prevents organization of a haematoma.

Cranial Electrical Therapy

This device passes a minimal current  through the brain, less than 1 Hz. This current is not harmful or damaging to the brain as the current. This treatment  increases endorphins and cortisol production for pain relief and improved mobility in degenerative disease and intractable pain states. It is also used for relaxation and stress and is particularly helpful in the treatment of infertility. Often pain is exacerbated by stress and this device is used to calm the patient and other treatment can then be initiated without disturbing the patient eg in children with pain.

Faradic Currents

Muscle stimulating currents improve awareness and strength in individual muscles that are weakened due to pain (and therefore disuse and lack of co-ordination occurs) and as a result this improves mobility. It is applied in: disuse atrophy (may even be used in the elderly to improve frailty and co-ordination); increases and maintains range of motion; muscle re-education and facilitation. Faradic currents may also assist in some patients with complex regional pain syndromes where it is painful to activate the muscles and by strengthening these muscles it improves range of motion. It is however advisable to treat pain first in some patients.


Lasers are used for tissue-healing and pain control. One of the benefits of this treatment is that it is subliminal. It has no sensation and treatment is of a relatively short duration. Soft laser light is used for injuries, scars, wounds, muscle spasm and highly sensitized skin areas (hyperaesthesia). Often patients that cannot tolerate any form of touching the site of the pain respond to laser light. Laser is also beneficial for arthritis and is often applied over an inflammatory joint such as the knee, ankle or a superficial joint region.


PANAG is a Multitherapy treatment for chronic pain and degenerative disease as in rheumatoid arthritis, other forms of arthritis, autoimmune disorders such as lupus and AIDs and may even reduce the size of tumors. It is also used for infertility and gynaecological problems such as endometriosis.. It was developed to modulate the immune system. Through this reactivation, the immune system will be able to fight more efficiently any pathogens or weaknesses. The unit uses tried and tested scientific methods to treat disease. It transmits electrical pulses similar to those generated naturally by the human body.


The most innovative treatment in the relief of pain. A pulsed radio frequency current that modulates aberant nerve activity by passing a magnetic field along the nerve supply, both central and peripheral. It assists both chronic pain and neuropathic pain conditions. Often only three treatments will permanently improve nerve conduction. It is used for migraines, neuralgias from any etiology including diabetes, polyneuropathy and even post chemotherapy, degenerative nerve conditions as in cervical, thoracic and lumbar nerve root compression as in a ‘pinched nerve’, post operative pain syndromes such as in post mastectomy and breast augmentations and herniorrophy among others. Stimpod also improves wound healing as post operative conditions or even after burns or superficial damage to the skin – this is due to the magnetic field that is known to affect wound healing.