Research on an electrical device to relieve the symptoms of diabetic peripheral neuropathy in the lower legs and or feet.

Patients that have diabetes – either type 1 or 2 may be eligible to participate in a study of an electrical device known to relieve neuropathic pain and symptoms from any aetiology including diabetes.Patients that are eligible to join this study are only required to have FOUR of the following symptoms:SEVERE PAIN AND UNPLEASANT SENSATIONS IN THE LOWER LEGS AND OR FEET OF:
o burning
o electric shocks
o painful cold
o tingling
o pins and needles
o numbness, itching
o sensitivity to brushing
o hypoaesthesia to pinprick
o hypoaesthesia to light touchThis project is a randomised, placebo controlled study that involves THREE FREE treatments of 10mins to each leg of a non-interventional pulsed radio frequency electrical current given to the sciatic nerve in the posterior knee crease that may improve the above symptoms and walking ability, sleep and quality of life.

The current is non-painful and the study has been approved by HREC – Medical Research Office of the University of the Witwatersrand.

If patients are in the placebo group they will be offered THREE FREE treatments if they have not responded after an appropriate time period. All patients are paid transport costs for attending.

For more information please contact: Professor Phyllis Berger on 082 411 7777 or visit the website